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NWS US Surface Analysis
Environment Canada North America surface map 12z
Environment Canada North America surface map 0z
24 hour temp change (Unisys)
24 hour temp change (Penn State)
NOAA Ocean Prediction Center Unified Surface Analysis
Daily Temperature Analysis (Climate Prediction Center)
Daily Precipitation Analysis (Climate Prediction Center)
Iowa Environmental Mesonet
National Data Buoy Center
UCAR/NCAR-RAL Real-Time Weather Data
College of Dupage
University of Wyoming
CoolWX Surface Maps
United States Weather Statistics (CoolWx)
Texas A&M University Weather Interface
Iowa State University
Meteocentre (University of Quebec)
Buoy/Ship Observations (CoolWX)
Earl Barker's Page
Canadian Weather-Environment Canada
Oklahoma Mesonet
NWS all polygon warnings for today
NWS all polygon warnings for the last 7 days
Norwegian Meteorological Institute

Purpose of this web site

The purpose is to provide high quality information on historical storms and provide links to weather information.