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Toledo Historical Weather

Toledo Snowstorms
Toledo Area Tornado Outbreaks
Toledo Tornado outbreak November 10, 2002
Toledo Historical Severe Weather
Toledo's hottest day in 16 years

Fort Collins Historical Weather

Fort Collins Snowstorms
Fort Collins Blizzard of 2006

Other Historical Storms

Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes
Phasing Storms
The Boundary Waters Derecho of 1999
Eastern Blizzard of January 7, 1996 Radar Loop
Midwest Blizzard of January 2, 1999 Radar Loop
Colorado Blizzard of 2006 radar loop
Midwest Blizzard of March 7 and 8, 2008
Perfect Storm (October 29 1991) 500mb temperature loop
Perfect Storm (October 29 1991) 850mb temperature loop
January 5-6 2014 snowstorm 500mb loop
High CAPE and Summertime heat
Edmund Fitzgerald Storm SLP loop
Edmund Fitzgerald Storm 500mb loop
Nov 15 to 19 2015 phasing storm 500mb loop
Blizzard of 2016 radar loop
Colorado snowstorm of 2016 radar loop
Colorado snowstorm of 2016 surface loop
Colorado snowstorm of 2016 500mb loop

Snowstorm Archives

Snowstorms in the USA 2005 to present
Heavy Snow (18") Events 1979-2012
Colorado Front Range Heavy Snow Events 1979-2013

Links to other web pages

National Weather Service Links
Surface Weather Maps
Numerical Weather Prediction
Precipitation and Drought Monitoring
ECMWF Numerical Model plots
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Historical Weather, Climate Information, and Archived Information
Tropical Weather
Teleconnections and Sea Surface Temperatures
Meteorology Educational Materials and Severe Weather
Fort Collins Specific Weather Information
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Useful Links
Plymouth State VORTEX
Storm Prediction Center
US Surface Analysis
College of Dupage
Navy Tropical Cyclone Page
ADDS Aviation Weather

Climate Information

Climate Comparison of Fort Collins and Toledo

Purpose of this web site

This web site began in 2004. I was inspired to research great snowstorms of my home town. Part of my inspiration for meteorology came when a tornado outbreak occurred near my town on November 10, 2002. The purpose of this site is to provide high quality information on historical storms and provide links to weather information. The "Toledo Snowstorms" web page includes my own research of many snowstorms.