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Weather Educational Materials and Severe Weather Reference Materials

NWS StormReady Program
AMS Glossary
Jeff Haby - Habyhints
NWS Weather Glossary
NWS-Norman OK Weather Glossary for storm spotters
U. of Illinois Weather Glossary
JetStream- NWS Weather School Topic Matrix
Severe weather notes -College of Dupage
Climate and weather terms glossary (Western Region Climate Center)
Weather Jargon
The Tornado Project
Severe Weather Indices on SPC's Meso-analysis
Severe weather guide (U. of Illinois)
Storm Spotter Guides
SPC Severe Thunderstorm Climatology by Radar Location
SPC Severe Thunderstorm Climatology
SPC Tornado FAQ
SPC Derecho Facts
The Worst Tornadoes in US history (
Cincinnati Area Historical Tornadoes

Weather Calculators/Unit Converters

NWS El Paso Weather Calculator
NOAA Weather Calculator/Converter
Andrew Revering's Meteorological Formulas List

Purpose of this web site

The purpose is to provide high quality information on historical storms and provide links to weather information. The "Toledo Snowstorms" web page includes my own research of many snowstorms.