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Heavy snow events 1979-2012

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This web page lists snow events with 18" or greater, from 1979 to 2012

Images are from St. Louis University - CIPS


January 13, "Chicago Blizzard of '79" Missouri, Colorado
Chicago Blizzard of '79, Illinois
President's Day Storm 1, Mid-Atlantic (Kocin-Uccellini)
March 21, Colorado
April 3, Colorado


November 21, Colorado
December 29, Colorado
January 27, Wyoming
January 30, Colorado
February 8, Missouri
March 4, North Carolina
March 25, Kansas
March 30, Plains
April 2, Wyoming
April 25, Colorado


January 1, Colorado
January 15, New Mexico
January 23, Minnesota
February 1, Indiana
March 20, South Dakota
April 8, "Blizzard of '82," Northeast (Kocin-Uccellini)


December 3, Wyoming
Christmas, Colorado
January 17, New York State
January 23, Texas Panhandle
Groundhog's Day, Kansas
February 12th, "Megalopolitan Snowstorm," Mid-Atlantic (Kocin-Uccellini)
February 2nd, Kansas
February 8th, Northeast
March 7, Colorado
April 21, Northeast (Kocin-Uccellini Early/Late Season)
March 28, Nebraska


November 22, Colorado, Wyoming
November 25, Minnesota
November 28, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas
Christmas, Rockies
February 27th-March 1st, "Leap Day Snowstorm," New York State
February 20th, Nebraska
March 30th, New York State (Kocin-Uccellini Near Miss)


December 6, New York State
December 16, New Mexico
Christmas, Montana
Valentine's Day, Michigan
March 4th, Northern Plains
March 29th, Colorado


September 30, Nebraska
November 16, Nebraska
October 9, Montana
December 2, northern Midwest
December 10, Wyoming
January 6, Maine
January 28, New York State
February 7, New Mexico
February 9, Texas Panhandle
March 18, South Dakota
April 5, Colorado
April 14, Northern Plains


January 3rd, New England (Kocin-Uccellini Near Miss)
January 13th, Maine
January 18, New Mexico, Colorado
January 23, Northeast (Kocin-Uccellini)
February 20 New Mexico, Colorado
February 24, Pennsylvania (Kocin-Uccellini)
February 28, Northern plains, also Virginia
March 25, Plains
March 29, Kansas
April 6, Appalachians, Ohio


December 15, New Mexico
December 28, Nebraska, Colorado
January 7, Oklahoma, Colorado (Kocin-Uccellini Moderate)
January 9, Oklahoma, Colorado (Kocin-Uccellini Moderate)
January 20 nebraska
February 14, Northeast
March 12, Wyoming
March 14, Michigan
April 2, Colorado

January 7, Northern Plains
January 24, Montana
February 3, Wyoming, Colorado
February 5, Colorado, New Mexico
February 19, Virginia
March 6, Oklahoma, Arkansas
April 29, Northern Plains


November 18, Michigan
December 4, Maine
December 15, Wyoming, Montana
Christmas, North Carolina
January 20, Colorado, New Mexico
January 26, Michigan
January 31, Maine
February 21, New Mexico
March 8, Wyoming, Colorado


December 22nd, Colorado, New Mexico
April 13th, Montana, Wyoming


October 31st, Colorado, "The Perfect Snowstorm"
November 1st, Colorado, Minnesota "The Perfect Snowstorm"
November 2nd, Minnesota, "The Perfect Snowstorm"
November 16th, Colorado
November 19th, Colorado
November 24th, Michigan
December 2nd, Wisconsin
March 10th, Rockies
March 13th, New York State


November 25th, Oklahoma
December 6th, New Mexico
December 11th, "December '92 Noreaster" (Kocin-Uccelini Near Miss)
December 12th, "December '92 Noreaster, " Northeast (Kocin-Uccelini Near Miss)
December 13th, "December '92 Noreaster," Northeast, (Kocin-Uccelini Near Miss) also Wyoming
January 11th, Nebraska, Rockies
February 24th, New York State
March 7th, Maine
March 10th-13th, "Storm of the Century" (Kocin-Uccellini)
March 11th-14th, "Storm of the Century" (Kocin-Uccellini)
March 12th-15th, "Storm of the Century" (Kocin-Uccellini)
March 13th-16th, "Storm of the Century" (Kocin-Uccellini)


October 9th, Montana
November 14th, Plains/Rockies
November 25th, Northern Plains
December 23rd, New York State
January 5th, Northeast (Kocin-Uccellini Near Miss)
January 7th, Northeast (Kocin-Uccellini Ice Storms)
January 17th, Ohio Valley
Janaury 20th, Northeast
February 25th, Midwest, Northeast
March 4th, Northeast (Kocin-Uccellini Near Miss)
April 27th, South Dakota

January 4th, Great Lakes
January 21st, Missouri
February 6th, Northeast (Kocin-Uccellini)
Valentine's Day, Colorado
March 7th, Michigan
April 11th, Montana, Colorado, Plains
April 20th, Plains


November 16th, Northeast
December 11th, Great Lakes
December 17th, Maine
December 22nd, Northeast (Kocin-Uccellini Moderate)
January 2nd-5th, Northeast
Blizzard of '96, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast (Kocin-Uccellini)
Blizzard of '96 back end, January 7th-10th (Kocin-Uccellini)
January 10th-13th, Pennsylvania
January 16th-19th, Northern Plains, "Plains Blizzard of '96"
January 24th-27th, Wisconsin
February 3rd, Virginia (Kocin-Uccellini Moderate)
March 8th, Maine
March 21st, Ohio Valley
March 25th, Wisconsin, Michigan
April 11th, New England (Kocin-Uccellini Early/Late season)
April 13th, Black Hills


October 27th, Rockies
November 13th, Great Lakes
December 8th, Northeast
December 21st, Great Lakes
January 3rd-6th, Minnesota
January 8th-11th, Michigan
January 9th-12th, Michigan, New York State, Colorado
March 12th-15th, Wisconsin, Michigan
March 29th-April 1st, "April Fool's Blizzard," New England (Kocin-Uccellini)
April 4th-7th, Northern Plains
April 9th-12th, Iowa, Missouri
April 22nd-25th, Rockies


October 22-25, Rockies, Plains
October 23-26, Rockies, Plains "Denver Blizzard of '97"
December 21st-24th, New England, New Mexico
Christmas, New Mexico
December 28th-31st, Northeast
November 27th-30th, Colorado
January 25th-28th, Appalachians
February 3rd-6th, Kentucky, Ohio
February 24th-27th, New York State
February 25th-28th, North Dakota
March 17th-20th, Rockies

December 31st-January 3rd, "Blizzard of '99"
January 1st-4th, "Blizzard of '99," Michigan
March 1st-4th, Pennsylvania, West Virginia
March 3rd-6th, New York State
March 11th-14th, Oklahoma
March 12th-15th, Oklahoma, Kansas
March 14th-17th, Maine (Kocin-Uccellini Moderate)
March 20th-23rd, New York State
March 31st-April 3rd, Wyoming, Colorado
April 21st-24th, high Rockies


January 24th-27th, Mid Atlantic (Kocin-Uccellini)
January 30th-February 1st, Northeast
March 30th-April 1st, Colorado
April 11, New York State, Vermont


November 19th-22nd, Great Lakes
December 10th-13th, Michigan
December 11th-14th, Michigan
December 12th-15th, Missouri
Millennium Snowstorm, New York State, December 28th-31st (Kocin-Uccellini)
Millennium Snowstorm, New York State December 29th-January 1st (Kocin-Uccellini)
February 4th-7th, Northeast
February 6th-9th, South Dakota
March 4th-7th, Northeast


December 29, Great Lakes
January 7, Pennsylvania
January 16, Maine
March 1st-4th, Michigan
March 13th-16th, Northern Plains


Christmas, Missouri
Christmas Storm, Northeast
January 2nd-5th, Northeast
Presidents' Day Storm II, Mid Atlantic and Northeast (Kocin-Uccellini)
St. Patrick's Day, Rockies


December 4th-7th, Northeast (Kocin-Uccellini)
December 6th-9th, Northeast
December 13th-16th, Northeast
December 24th-27th, Montana
January 23rd-26th, Minnesota
February 23rd-26th, New Mexico
February 28th-March 2nd, Rockies/Black Hills
March 14th- 17th, Iowa


December 20th-23rd, Ohio Valley, "Blizzard of 2004"
December 21st-24th, Ohio Valley, "Blizzard of 2004"
"Blizzard of 2005," January 23, Northeast
January 31, Colorado
March 2, West Virginia
March 10, Maine
March 15, New Mexico
March 19, Minnesota
April 12, Colorado


October 7, North Dakota
November 30, South Dakota
December 16, Minnesota
February 13th, "Blizzard of 2006," New York City
March 21, Nebraska, widespread 18"-24"


December 2, Missouri
December 22, "Denver Blizzard of 2006," Colorado
December 30, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, "Denver Blizzard 2"
Valentine's Day Storm of 2007, Northeast
March 18, Northeast


December 9th, Colorado
January 2nd, Maine
January 8, Colorado
March 9th, Ohio, New York State, "Blizzard of 2008"


November 7th, Black Hills
December 23, Maine
February 24th, Maine
April 19th, Colorado, Wyoming


October 30, Colorado, Wyoming
December 9, Iowa
December 20, Mid-Atlantic "Blizzard of 2009"
Christmas, Northern Plains
"Snowmageddon," February 5th-8th, Mid-Atlantic
"Snowmageddon, Storm 2," February 8th-11th, Mid Atlantic
February 28, New York State, Pennsylvania, West Virginia


December 8, Great Lakes, West Virginia
December 12, "Metrodome Blizzard," Wisconsin
"Boxing Day Blizzard," December 26-28, New York City
Groundhog's Day Storm of 2011, Wisconsin, Missouri
February 8th-11th, Oklahoma
February 8th, Maine, Colorado
February 21st, South Dakota
March 8th, Northeast


October 31st, Massachusetts
December 21st, southeast Colorado
February 2nd-5th, Colorado, "Denver Blizzard"


Hurricane Sandy, Appalachians
December 18th-21st, Wisconsin
February 7th-10th, New England
February 19th-22nd, Kansas
February 23rd-26th, Oklahoma
March 6th-9th, New England
April 8th-11th, Wyoming, South Dakota
April 15th-17th, North Dakota, Colorado
April 16-19th, Minnesota


December 2nd-5th, Minnesota
December 15th-18th, New Hampshire
January 1st-3rd, Illinois, New York State
February 12-15, Appalachians


January 25th-28th, New England
January 31st-February 3rd, Michigan

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