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The Boundary Waters Derecho

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On July 4-5, 1999 a great squall line affected North Dakota, Minnesota, Canada, and the Northeast. This web page provides USA radar loops of this event.

(Grand Forks) MVX base reflectivity loop
(Grand Forks) MVX base velocity loop
7:22AM CDT MVX base reflectivity 1/storm relative velocity 1 - Fargo Airport measured a 90mph wind gust at 7:30AM CDT.
(Duluth) DLH base reflectivity loop
(Duluth) DLH base velocity loop
1:02PM CDT DLH storm relative velocity 1 - Boundary Waters Canoe Area Damage
1:12PM CDT DLH base velocity 1- Boundary Waters Canoe Area Damage
(Marquette) MQT base reflectivity loop
(Marquette) MQT base reflectivity 248nmi at 5:18PMEDT
(Watertown/Montague) TYX base reflectivity 248nmi loop
(Burlington) CXX base reflectivity loop
(Burlington) CXX composite reflectivity 248nmi loop

Duluth NWS page on the Boundary Waters Derecho
SPC page on the Boundary Waters-Canadian Derecho

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