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US Precipitation Analysis (NOAA)
National Snow Analysis (NOAA NOHRSC)
US Drought Monitor
High Plains Regional Climate Center
NOAA Drought Indicator Blends
Palmer Drought Index
Crop Moisture Index
US Hydrological Data/River Levels (USGS)
SNOTEL Snow Water Equivalent Map 1
SNOTEL Snow Water Equivalent Map 2
NWS River Forecast Centers
Observed Precipitation Plot (NOAA HPC)
Soil moisture monitoring - Climate Prediction Center
Temperature and Precipitation Monitoring- CPC
Precipitation monitoring - CPC
Worldwide Gridded Satellite Rainfall Products(CSU)
Global Precipitation Analysis (GPCP)
SNOTEL River Basin Water Year Precipitation
Global Precipitation in near real time (JAXA)
Historical Palmer Drought Indices
Daily Precipitation Analysis (Climate Prediction Center)
Rain Rate Information from TRMM Microwave Imager

Purpose of this web site

The purpose is to provide high quality information on historical storms and provide links to weather information.